Polygon · Pictures, the largest CG production company, introduced the Translation Tool “YarakuZen” companywide

~All employees including overseas affiliates to improve communication in foreign languages~

Yaraku, Inc. (Yakuraku) developed and provided a translation support tool “YarakuZen” has been introduced at the company level by Polygon · Pictures Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Polygon · Pictures”). With this, Polygon Pictures will improve communication problems in foreign languages ​​and aim to further improve the quality of digital animation production, which is the company’s strengths.

■ Background and Issues
Polygon · Pictures is the domestic biggest digital animation studio.
We are producing a lot of works such as “GODZILLA Monster Planet” which is currently open to theaters and “Lost in Oz” which won 3 Emmy Awards this year.

The company recently introduced a Translation Support Tool “YarakuZen”, which is a group employee of 300 head offices and 70 affiliated companies in Malaysia.
At the company, due to the strengthening of cooperation with overseas studio and the active participation of foreign staff, requests for translation and translation to the translation group inside the company also increased. There was a problem that treatment to the work which translation group should correspond originally, treatment to translation work and treatment to high priority work such as confidential documents was delayed.

■ Effects aimed by introduction
By introducing YarakuZen, staff at the work site will be able to translate and understand simple e-mail exchanges etc. by using machine translation using the company’s proprietary Glossary and Phrases prepared beforehand. Meanwhile, the translation group will be able to concentrate on translation, accuracy and urgent communication and translation work related to the production work which is originally work.

In the future Yakura will further strengthen YarakuZen, will continue to support polygon · Pictures’ promotion of communication in foreign languages ​​and strengthening competitiveness.


[About YarakuZen]
It is a cloud-type translation software that supports translation and multi-language treatment business users in the company.
Konica Minolta Co., Ltd., United Arrows Co., Ltd., stocks, stocks, stocks, stocks, stocks, stocks Hundreds of businesses and tens of thousands of users have already used companies such as company rice troops.
Asia Pacific Machine Translation Association (AAMT) 2017 “Nagao Award” winning product.

■ Company profile
Company name: Yaraku, Inc.
Business description: Development and provision of many communication tools, Research and development of artificial intelligence
Homepage: : https://www.yaraku.com/
Headquarters place: 4-8-607 Nanpeidai-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Date of foundation: August, 2009
Representative Director: Yusuke Sakanishi (Immediately Sakagutoshi)
Capital: 174,850,000 yen