Solutions for Global Communication

Solutions for Global Communication

YarakuZen is an online translation software that makes doing business in foreign languages easier. You can upload documents to your account to conveniently edit them and save the correct translations. YarakuZen remembers which phrases you edit, so the more you use YarakuZen, the more accurate the automatic translations become.


For those who:

  • are not satisfied with pure machine translation,
  • wish to create documents for foreign audiences,
  • do not want to depend on a translation company,


YarakuZen can solve your problems.

AI related R&D

Utilizing know-how and resources acquired in Yarakuzen and Machine Translation engine development, Yaraku is working for AI related R&D projects.

From projects involving natural language processing to deep-learning and applied neural networks, Yaraku can work on all of them.


Main projects:

  • Neural network-based machine translation development for specific area (industry)
  • R&D of image/voice recognition engine
  • Auto-categorisation, price adaptation, simulation with deep-learning methods

Yaraku can adapt to your needs.


For inquiry, please feel free to contact us.