【Product Tester Wanted!】World’s first! Portable simultaneous translation device YarakuStick (beta) has launched

YarakuStick-Logo-BETAスクリーンショット 2020-08-28 10.16.52

The world’s first portable simultaneous translation device YarakuStick (β) (https://www.yarakustick.com) is available today. 

YarakuStick (β) is a completely new simultaneous translation device. Instead of translating and speaking one sentence at a time like conventional voice translators, YarakuStick (β) will continuously perform machine translation and display it as subtitles. 

YarakuStick (β) is completely synchronized with our translation platform YarakuZen (https://www.yarakuzen.com), so the accumulated translation data and the customized translation engines of YarakuZen can be used on your PC.

We will continue to update for the official release of YarakuStick (β). 

We are currently looking for companies to give feedback on the real-world performance of Yaraku Stick (β). Let’s build a better product together! Click here for companies who wish to participate in product testing.

For details, please visit YarakuStick(β) website (https://www.yarakustick.com) or see the official press release